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So I did the thing...

Yes y'all. I finally did it!

You may be thinking - Now Courtney, we all love you but no one has been tracking your every move during this pandemic...

To that I say: understood.

So let me fill you in for those who are behind: I made the big post college grad move to NYC only a year behind schedule (thanks Miss. Rona) and I am excited to start a new chapter of my life but horrified by the new amount of responsibility I have.

It is comforting to know I am not the first person to tackle this challenge, but my feelings of dread, self-doubt, euphoria, and eagerness are still valid and I will continue to vent to any open set of ears.

To make this move as cliche as possible, I am starting a very angsty, witty, and silly blog.

Read along if you would like, but know that the rules for this blog are as follows:

  1. I will probably embarrass myself by taking myself and my problems WAY too seriously.

  2. This blog is for me to dump truck the many ideas that this big ol' city brings to me, so proceed with caution.

  3. I'm trying something new. So wether it flops or flies, I salute myself and any other person challenging themselves to think differently!

Cheers to the memories, laughs, cries, and moments that are soon to be!

a sweet girl,




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