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Well I got fired...

Y'all. It has been two months in New York and the number of jobs I have gone through is greater than the number of Kardashian sisters...

The last one ending with an epic "stay away from my apartment " over text message! Unfortunately the tea cannot be spilled because as a personal assistant for a multi-millionaire, a NDA was signed.

Being unemployed should be sexy and care free, right? I get to spend my days doing whatever I want and am free for any and everything!


Somehow having nothing to do is the most stressful state of being I have yet to experience.

Before we go any farther and anyone starts to panic for my wallet's well being, a new job has been secured. We are now just waiting for on-boarding shenanigans to be dealt with.

But yes, having lots of free time to reflect on all the ways you are failing and not good enough is a bitch. I am finding I have this weird stressed out soccer mom complex that I can't say I love. Let me explain:

When my Google Calendar is about to glitch out it is so full, I am at my most powerful form. I know there is no time for BS or Tik-Tok, so shit gets done. My house is clean, I am eating regular meals, and my Apple Watch rings are closed.

When I have zero responsibilities in my day, I am the most unproductive creature known to the girl boss population. I can put things off since I have all the time in the world. But if Coco has no deadline, it will simply not get done!

My goal with my new job is to find... BALANCE! Yes dolls, I'm reinventing the wheel <3

There can be days when I get a 100 things crossed off my to-do list, and there can be days when only a few things get done.


a girl on a budget,


PS: find a sweet boy who will buy you flowers when you are fired!



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